Rigol DG1032Z Function Generator

This comes with a ‘Quick Guide’ but no CD. The ‘proper’ operating instructions are of course downloadable from the Rigol website and there is even a German version. Plus point: the fan noise is moderate. At around €560 / £520 / $670 the function generator is a good 20% dearer than the other two devices.

Sine-wave signals are generated up to 30 MHz with a sample rate of 200 MHz. With a ratio of only 16.7 % an extra grid point per period is produced. If the impedance is set to 50 Ω (not as Hi-Z) the amplitude can be defined only in dBm. With open-circuit (unterminated) outputs the maximum amplitude is once again 20 Vpp up to 10 MHz, dropping to 10 Vpp above this frequency. Here again there is a ‘Harmonics’ function for setting harmonics, albeit restricted to eight harmonics.

Squarewave signals are limited to 15 MHz. You can adjust the duty cycle within the range 19 to 81 %, with an even broader range at lower frequencies. The rise and fall times are given as <10 ns; my oscilloscope confirmed this as around 7 ns. There is an error in the data sheet [3], where 25 MHz is given as the maximum frequency. Pulses are again feasible up to 15 MHz. You can additionally make the rise and fall times larger than the minimum values of 10 ns. Ramps can be generated with a frequency up to 500 kHz maximum. On the rear panel of the Rigol product two independent Sync signals are provided for Channels 1 and 2. No jitter is detectable, even at 15 MHz. This works for sine-wave signals up to the maximum frequency of 30 MHz. Here again both channels are apparently identical — I could not detect any restrictions. Modulation: at 1 MHz, the maximum modulation frequency is extraordinarily high. The reference output provides a 10 MHZ square-wave signal with 1.5 VPP into 50 Ω with steep flanks. Here too differential signals can be generated very easily. Beside the Copy command there is a Tracking Menu Next to Copy command there is a Tracking Menu, in which you can set the parameters to be linked, even by using an offset value. pic1 4 Rigol DG1032Z Function Generator

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